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CONDOR Tool & Knife

CONDOR Tool & Knife is a famous brand dealing in the production of tools, with particular emphasis on various knives. Although today the brand is headquartered in El Salvador, Central America, its history began in Europe, in the famous German town of Solingen. The town is still associated with the production of high-quality tools, knives and cutlery, but the craft traditions of the region go back even to the Middle Ages. It is in this inconspicuous town that brands such as DOVO, Böker, Hubertus and Puma started their production.

In 1787, the Gebr Weyesberg Company brand began operating in Solingen. With time, the whole world heard about the production basin in Germany. The quality of knives, tools, cutlery or edged weapons, produced in local plants, meant that subsequent plants were constantly developing, constantly increasing their processing capacity. The growing popularity of products from Solingen meant that more companies noticed the need to develop their production and distribution around the world.

In 1964, the company that was the direct predecessor of Condor Tool & Knife was founded - the Imacasa brand. The company, founded by the Gebr Weyesberg Company in Santa Ana, El Salvador, aimed to significantly expand the distribution of the brand, while maintaining the famous quality, typical of products from the German Solingen. For this reason, local workers were sent to the European production center for intensive training. In the 1980s, Imacasa was sold to local investors.

Over half a century of development of the El Salvador brand brings with it extensive experience and a well-deserved position on the market. Over the years of operation, the Imacasa company has constantly developed its offer, producing primarily tools for the needs of agriculture, horticulture, construction and broadly understood industry. The Central American manufacturer sold its products not only to the countries of the Americas, but also to over fifty countries around the world. To this day, Imacasa remains one of the largest manufacturers of machetes and shovels in the world, constantly expanding its offer to meet the growing market demand.

In the early twenty-first century, Imacasa created a high-end line of tools and knives for the North American and European outdoor market. In this way, in 2004, a new brand appeared - Condor Tool & Knife. Despite the short history under this name, the company has hundreds of years of experience and knowledge behind it, which allows it to create products of the highest quality.

Today's Condor Tool & Knife offer is still based primarily on outdoor, bushcraft and survival tools. Among products such as knives, machetes, hatchets and shovels, you can easily find a tool that perfectly meets our needs and meets the tastes of even the most demanding users. However, the company does not limit its offer only to outdoor tools. The wide range of products also includes less typical products, such as sabers, spears and various other accessories. Condor Tool & Knife can obtain the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate confirming high production standards and the highest quality of products. The brand still focuses on continuous development, focusing not only on offering high-quality products, but also on cooperation with customers and listening to their opinions or social awareness.

Among the designers of Condor Tool & Knife you can find many specialists in fields such as outdoor, bushcraft and survival. Over the years, the brand has cooperated with, inter alia, with the late legend of the industry - Arlan D. Lothe. Each of the designers brings their invaluable contribution to the offer of the American manufacturer, based on the experience gained, for example, from special forces or drawing on the cultural heritage of traditional communities. As a result, the brand constantly offers its customers better and better tools, perfectly adapted to the needs of the market.

The Condor Tool & Knife offer is constantly growing, and the brand deservedly gains more and more new fans. The products of the American company are used by numerous hobbyists involved in various outdoor activities. Condor knives are also appreciated by professionals. Among them, a large group are officers of uniformed services all over the world - police, army or special units. For example, forest workers and gardeners also use machetes or hatchets. Regardless of what activity you are engaged in, Condor Tool & Knife products will not disappoint you. So if you are looking for a tool for yourself and you value high-quality workmanship and thoughtful projects, be sure to familiarize yourself with the range of American brand products, offered at From the wide range of products, you will certainly choose something just right for you.

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