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Armytek - High-quality LED Headlamps and Tactical Flashlights

Armytek is one of the most renowned companies engaged in the production of tactical flashlights in the world. Although the company officially debuted only 10 years ago (in 2010), its history began a few years earlier. A group of designers from the start of the project had one goal. The desire to create flashlights that will simultaneously be based on the most advanced technologies, remain reliable and equally important, still affordable. What's more, the company decided to achieve all this without using cheap Chinese components (which would of course be weaker in quality), opting for Japanese and American products.

Although the design and improvement of products took a good three years, Armytek undoubtedly succeeded in achieving its intended goals. This can be evidenced by the fact that in such a short time the company has established its branches around the world, built its own high-class factory, and its products are available in over 75 countries.

Most popular Armytek LED flashlights and headlamps

Armytek Wizard - Universal Headlamps

These include models like the Wizard Pro and Wizard WR. These are multifunctional headlamps that offer impressive brightness levels (up to 2500 lumens), suitable for both professional use and outdoor activities. Available with both white LED diodes and warm light color. Armytek Wizard are rechargeable headlamps with many uses, perfect as everyday flashlights and also as bike flashlights. Strong, quickly removable bracket included.

Armytek Prime - Universal LED flashlights for everyday and for the bike

Prime are compact yet powerful LED flashlights, great for everyday use, they can also be used as bike flashlights.

Armytek Predator - Tactical LED Flashlights

Predator is a flashlight belonging to the series designed for hunters and tactical uses, Armytek flashlights from this series are characterized by a large range and a narrow, directed beam of light. A clear central spot with minor side lighting, allows for illumination of objects even 500 meters away. Rechargeable flashlights from the Predator series can be charged from any power source using a USB connector. Armytek Predator is also a solid construction adapted for mounting on firearms.

Armytek Barracuda - High Power LED Flashlights

The Barracuda series are high power and long-range flashlights, designed for search and rescue operations, capable of illuminating large areas. The flashlight's design also allows for mounting on weapons.

Wide range of Armytek LED flashlights in the military store

In Armytek's offer, even the most demanding consumer will find something for themselves. The brand offers both small flashlights for use with weapons (e.g., Partner A1 pro model), or emergency light sources in the form of a keychain flashlight (Zippy Keychain Flashlight), and very strong flashlights (e.g., Predator Pro XHP35 HI or Barracuda v2) with a very wide range of applications. The company also offers all necessary accessories. In the store, you will find a wide range of LED flashlights from Armytek

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